팩트 체크! 레베카 소매 진출관련 소문

구매자, 소매상, 도매상 그리고 공장은 헤어 산업을 지탱하는 4 개의 축이다. 그리고, 얼마 전까지 헤어 산업의 벨류 체인 (Value Chain)...

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Amazon Is Opening An Offline Store –…

유통 산업은 한 사회의 거울과 비슷한 역할을 하곤 했습니다. 아마 블록버스터라는 영화 비디오를 빌려주던 유통점을 기억하실..

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wal mart

The Hidden Strength of Walmart!

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[Display] Spotlight on dead space from the…

  There are blind spots that don’t get attention from customers at beauty supply stores.  However, blind spots can turn into useful places that help raise sales by utilizing props such as baskets or readjusting displays. The reason to get rid of high display shelves...

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[Display] Mannequins that lead the trends attract…

Displaying methods by utilizing mannequins are popular in the beauty supply industry.  Since mannequins have three dimensional effects, customers can easily visualize how they will look with products on them.  Unfortunately, some retailers who don’t know about mannequin displays to attract customers, simply set up...

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