Inventory Management to Find a Gold Mine…

뷰티 비즈니스는 여름철에 접어들면서 장사가 슬로우해지기 시작합니다. 다음을 위한 준비를 하기에 좋은 시기이기도 합니다. 소매점의 경쟁력을 높이기 위해서 이럴 때 재고관리에 대해 깊게 한번 생각해 보는 것이 어떨까요?

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2016 Hair trends by looking at search…

By checking products that have been consumed the most in the beauty industry last year, products with unique features, natural, or sensibility have been loved. Among braids that have continuously been sought after for years, Crochet braids and Box braids along with long braids have...

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Fraud makes more damages than shoplifting

BNB Magazine   What would you do if your manager that you trust a lot stole products or money behind your back or ran away after stealing all the money in a safe box? This actually happened to the retail owner Mr. K. Mr. K...

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Who will take over the human hair…

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