A Comprehensive Survey of Popular Braids in the Market

Braids are exceptionally various in styles, for which they provide a great potential for new product development and release. In addition, they are often customer magnets for beauty supply retail stores, in their competition against online retailers. In this cover story, top braids products of hair wholesalers are surveyed as they are the leading products of the hair market sector. We also intend to proffer basic knowledge about braids.

Braids can be divided into Crochet and Other Regulars per Knotting Method.

Regular types offer raw fibers that can be manipulated into desired shapes by individuals, which can be an advantage of the regular types. On the other hand, crochet types focus on the convenience of easy hooking of the braids. Typically, Kanekalon or Toyokalon raw fibers are widely used for the braids, but SPETRA raw fiber is becoming more popular lately. Kanekalon offers a various type of pre-stretched raw fibers for the braids market.

Getting Down to Popular Braids in the Market!

Characteristics of Braids by Raw Materials

Synthetic fibers such as PVC (polyvinylchlride), modacryl, PET (polyethylene terephthalate), and PP (polypropylene) are used for braids as well as wigs. PET is considered a superior synthetic material for its styling consistency, elasticity, color, a relatively appropriate degree of shine, and easiness to shape into curls with heat, but its weak heat-resistance characteristic is a shortcoming.

PVC is a widely used for synthetic fibers. It offers excellent form-stability, heat-resistance, and good texture, but it also has drawbacks such as low melting temperature and final products being less voluminous looking. Modacryl has great heat-resistance, which leads to a great curling feasibility while creating volume with light weight. On the other hand, it’s highly susceptible to creases. PP-variant synthetic fibers are light and provide great tensile strength, but they are characterized by rough texture and flammability. They are summarized in the following table.

Characteristics of Regular Braids by Companies  

Herein, regular braids are defined as all braiding products whose raw fibers are not pre-stretched. Companies who responded that regular braids are their flagship products provided their product characteristics as follows:

Characteristics of Loc Style Braids by Companies

Companies who responded that loc style crochet braids are their flagship products have provided their product characteristics as follows:

Characteristics of Box Braids by Companies

Characteristics of Wave-style and Children’s Braids by Companies

Characteristics of Twist Braids by Companies

Characteristics of Curl-style Braids by Companies

Characteristics of Pre-stretch Braids by Companies

Google Trend Analysis by Keywords

Until early 2018, “EZbraid” and “pre-stretched” were almost tied in frequency, but after the second quarter of 2018, “pre-stretched” exceeded “EZbraid” in frequency. This translates that the term “EZbraid” had been used as a synonym for “pre-stretched”, but as other pre-stretched products are released, the use of those two terms are parted away.

If you compare “Kanekalon” and “pre-stretched”, you can see that Kanekalon is still far more frequently searched. Notably though, since July 2018, the frequency of keyword “pre-stretched” is on a steeper rise, so “pre-stretched” may surpass “Kanekalon” in the future.

What’s the Secret of Retail Stores Selling Tons of Braids?


As braids are very trendy, you must focus on inventory turnover. In addition to purchasing a proper quantity of products, you must clear the inventory as soon as possible. Let’s learn from retail stores who are performing outstandingly in braids sales.


To save space, you often display the products in their boxes. If so, you should prevent them from mixing.

Often, customers pick up a product from a box and change their mind. If the product falls into a wrong box and stays there, other customers will find it difficult to find a desired item. Retail managers should regularly check the braid boxes to sort out items for their proper placement.   

 Color is key for braids.

You should have as many color options as possible for braids. Having various color options attracts customers very effectively.

Popular items should be placed in the middle of a braids section.

While each retail store is differently situated, braids should be displayed together in a section while best-selling products should be positioned in the center thereof to expose customers looking for them to other items.

New releases on the entrance of retail space.

Those new products that are popular should be placed in the front of the retail store so that they can catch customers’ attention and increase traffic.

Deep discounts for out-of-season braids.

Braids are very susceptible to trends. They should not go out-of-season; you should reduce the inventory and increase customer traffic by offering deep discount.