Oh! So Cool! Hairstyles on Cool Men

글 Joo Park

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1. Box Fade

The notorious Box Fade hairstyle that was the golden age of hip-hop is making a comeback after famous NBA players come out on the court rocking this hairstyle. The sharp box shaped hair are rectangles on both sides of the head that continue from a fade cut. The box fade is characterized by having 3-5 centimeters of hair on the top of the head.

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2. Afro Fade

The Afro Fade has a similar appearance to the Box Fade but is different in that the top of the head is an afro. The sides of the head are also faded like the box fade cut so it is a combination of the two. This hairstyle allows the individual to freely style the hair in a natural way and is also easier to manage than the Box Fade.

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3. Pompadour

The Pompadour hairstyle is usually good for people with straight hair or people with tight curls. The sides are finished with a fade cut and the top part is pulled back for a clean look.

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4. Buzz Cut

An army inspired look, this very short haircut style is the easiest hairstyle for those who do not want a complicated hair style. Buzz cuts are very easy to manage and goes well with a nicely groomed beard. This style suits everyone regardless of face shape and is recommended for those with a busy schedule.

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5. 360 Wave

The 360 Wave hairstyle is good for people with thick hair texture to easily style their hair. In order to get the most out of the haircut, it is recommended to consult a barber to see if the individual’s hair will be appropriate for the wave style. To create a wave look, it takes time and special tools such as a wave brush.

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6. Line Up

Line up hairstyle embodies a natural hairline and emphasizes styling the front hair by creating sharp and straight hairline. This hairstyle requires frequent maintenance in order for a clean and neat impression. The eyebrows should be thoroughly trimmed to match the fineness of the hairstyle.

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7. Twists with Fade

A popular hairstyle since 2016 is to have a bit longer hair on the top and leaving both sides neatly organized with a fade cut with twists. If the hair on the top is not groomed well or too long, it will look messy. This haircut is best for black males who are keen on impressive fashion.

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8. Clean Shave

The absolute easiest way to manage your hairstyle is the clean shave. This gives a tidy and intelligent impression. To achieve this look, your hair must be in a wet state in order to avoid razor bumps. Make sure to use moisturizing shaving oil and shaving cream for to get the perfect clean shave.

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9. Long Undercut

Try out the long undercut look if you want to grow out your hair from a cut state. The sides and back of the head is cut very short with a fade style while long hair is left on top of the head. The longer hair is maintained in a lock style which makes it easy to maintain and gives off a youthful and active vibe.